Adidas X-Plr Mens Sneakers Blue

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Fabric sole
Upper material: Fabric,synthetic

Product Description

Material sole
Higher materials: Material,artificial

Here are two  tips for cleaning running shoes very quickly and simply

– Goodbye bad smells: If the inside of your sneakers smells like the feet of a troll who has not seen the shadow of a shower for several months, it is good that there are some bacteria trapped in there. Remove the insole, rub it, and the inside of your sneakers with a damp sponge and mild soap. This will give your running shoes a little freshness. To finish and permanently remove this great odor, generously sprinkle the sole and the inside with a mixture of talc and bicarbonate. Let sit overnight before discarding the mixture and brushing the running and sole again. Also, don’t hesitate to wash the laces. To avoid these odors in the future, consider wearing antibacterial running shoes.

– By brushing, no more mud: After removing the insole, shake them, then use an old brush or a toothbrush with soft bristles and start by rubbing gently in order to remove the bulk of the dirt and dust on and under your shoe. You can do this dry or with warm water and mild soap. Do not hesitate to place newspaper or paper towels in the running to absorb the overflow of water and facilitate drying.

How to choose a running shoe: comfort above all!

When you ask yourself the question of how to choose running shoes the only answer that we should find in priority is, therefore: a comfortable shoe! I’m not necessarily talking about the amount of cushioning of the pump or its drop or any other technical point. No, I’m talking about the footwear. When you put on a pair of running shoes, you should immediately be comfortable, feeling that your foot will adapt well to the shoe.

Not so easy. But if you feel discomfort, that the foot is not placed as it would like in the footwear, it may increase with the race! If you doubt trying it, don’t buy it! And if you purchased online, no problem, you usually have plenty of time to return it. Better to waste a little time and choose your running shoes than to run with an uncomfortable shoe

What are the risks of running with used shoes?

After several months of more or less intensive use, running shoes lose their primary qualities and fulfill their protective role less and less.
Shock absorption becomes less effective, which affects your joints; cushioning becomes drier; shoes can become unstable and create imbalances.

The risks of contracting pain or injury are then increased. Joint pain, tendon pain, periostitis, … many pathologies that are found in runners and which could sometimes be avoided simply by changing shoes at the right time.

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